Posted on February 20, 2020

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Dear Sponsors, Colleagues and Friends,

I hope that your New Year is starting off well. All is well on this end: very busy and very happy.

I was honored and pleased to receive an invitation from the Organizers of the 2020 EAGE Workshop on Multiples to present and to participate at that Workshop.

Attached for your possible interest please find the Abstract that with my colleagues and co- authors Jing Wu and Frederico Melo ( of Western Geco/ Schlumberger)was submitted for the 2020 EAGE post-convention Workshop on Multiples . The Abstract provides: (1)a broad perspective and update on the multiple removal toolbox, including the relationship between assumptions and effectiveness, and choosing an appropriate cost-effective option for a given circumstance and play , and (2) some soon to arrive new concepts, advances and algorithms that will address current outstanding prioritized issues and challenges.

The latter advances include : (1) removing the need for both near surface and subsurface information for all our preprocessing and processing algorithms , specifically developed to address current prioritized on-shore and OBS challenges and applications and (2) a new and first multi-D ISS internal multiple elimination theory and algorithm for all orders of internal multiples. These two items will be submitted both as 2020 SEG Abstracts ( due by April 1, 2020) and, in more detail, in papers that we will submit to the Journal of Seismic Exploration. Sponsors will receive early notice and receipt of the Abstracts and papers that document and delineate these advances and contributions . Within the attached EAGE Workshop Abstract there are links to help provide context and additional key and important references.

I look forward to staying in touch. Sending my warmest best wishes for the New Year.

Warmest best regards,



geo2018-0411.1 SRME vs ISS FSE.pdf


segam2019-3215218.1 Yanglei Zou et al ISSIME Multi-D for first order internal multiple elimination.pdf

An earlier note with a set of links to all M-OSRP projects, and deliveries is found below

Dear Sponsors, Colleagues and Friends,

January 18,2020

Greetings for the New Year. Below for your possible interest please find a selection of technical video presentations and publications.

Ecopetrol invited key-note presentation , Bogota, Colombia, December 8, 2018


Below please find a video of a longer/extended version of an invited key-note address for the SEG/KOC Workshop: Seismic Multiples, the Challenges and the Way Forward” in Kuwait December 3-5, 2019.

“ A new perspective on removing and using multiples | they have the same exact goal | imaging primaries, recorded and unrecorded primaries | Recent advances in multiple removal”.


In the links below, please find documents and video presentations that support the objectives and strategy presented in these two videos in the link above, with background, context and perspective.

As always, we thank you for your encouragement and for your support.

We send you and your family our warmest greetings for the Holiday Season and our very best wishes for Good Health and Happiness in 2020 ,


The seismic processing chain

Green’s theorem: Wavelet estimation, reference wave and reflection data prediction ( including on-shore advances and progress)

Green’s theorem Source and receiver de-ghosting ( including on-shore advances and progress)

Inverse scattering series (ISS) Free surface multiple elimination

ISS Internal multiple attenuation and elimination

ISS Q compensation with knowing, estimating or determining Q

Green’s theorem a new and more effective depth imaging with a velocity model

ISS direct depth imaging without a velocity model

ISS non-linear direct parameter estimation, time lapse ***application( and comparison with non-linear iterative model matching)

The video in the link below provides a development of all the methods and projects within M-OSRP ( in the above seismic processing chain) from a single simple starting point.

An executive summary overview of all of the above M-OSRP research projects can be found in


This link below provides a menu for all the video presentation from the 2018 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review- we point out, and possibly of particular interest for this SEG/KOC Workshop, are the advances by Dr. Jing Wu in on-shore ground roll and reflection data prediction without damaging either, and for on-shore de-ghosting.

M-OSRP Annual Technical Review Presentations: Videos with Synced Slides and Meeting Agenda

A recent development ( Weglein, 2020) provides a new concept, set of methods and Green’s theorem and ISS algorithms That remove the need to know, estimate , or to determine, both subsurface and near-surface information , that is- no information beneath and at the Earth’s surface ( or at and beneath the ocean bottom for OBS) for all preprocessing and processing objectives. The current inability to determine adequate near surface properties represents a major obstacle for on-shore and OBS seismic E&P effectiveness. We have a new set of algorithms within our pipeline of capability and delivery that directly addresses that problem, by developing a suite of new effective methods that do not require, or have any interest in knowing any subsurface and near surface ( and at the Earth’s surface)information.

Game-changing migration

Petrobras invited us to present at a game changing seminar series- thought that might be of interest


Recent advances in the physics of imaging and game- changing Q compensation without knowing, estimating or determining Q (for improved resolution, amplitude analysis and illumination) assuring increased low and high frequency benefit for petroleum exploration.


On direct inversion for FWI objectives

Key–note address, Abu Dhabi, March 31st , 2015 presented at the SEG FWI, Workshop Filling the gaps in Abu-Dhabi

M-OSRP delivery, impact and recognition


News and update from M-OSRP: June, 2019.




Arthur Weglein selected as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Seismic Exploration



2018 Ecopetrol-invited-paper-on-seismic-migration-and-inversion-abweglein-v2.pdf

2019 SEG KOC Workshop Challenges and a Way Forward v4.pdf

2019 SEG-KOC-Workshop-Weglein-ABSTRACT.pdf

ADNOC Talk2_May1st_v2.pdf

Kristin ISS Field Data Depth Imaging JSE SEISMIC_No21-1.pdf

Linear meaning Weglein et al 2009.pdf

multi-D_IME_v6_with_highlighting , SEG19.pdf


int-2016-0198.1-1-invited paper SEG Interpretation Journal on Amplitude analysis and interpretation.pdf