Seismic Physics I, Physics 7351

Instructor: Arthur B. Weglein
UH, SR1 Room 606 , Tuesday, Thursday 5:30 PM-7:30 PM, first class: January 19, 2016

Course Description: Seismic Physics I is the first of a four course Seismic Physics I-IV sequence. The entire four-semester sequence will cover the following topics:

  • A description of the objectives of seismic exploration.
  • Translating the objectives and challenges of seismic exploration into a mathematical physics language and framework.
  • Green’s theorem for distinct wave field separation and wave field prediction objectives:
    • Offshore: predicting the source signature and radiation pattern , de-ghosting.
    • On-Shore: predicting the reference wave including removing ground roll without damaging reflection data

Migration concepts for locating reflectors in the subsurface and migration-inversion to identify the changes in earth mechanical properties (AVO, FWI) assuming knowledge of the subsurface above the target. The first two way migration method that is equally effective at all recorded frequencies: as a new tool box imaging option, for example, for subsalt and sub basalt structural plays and amplitude analysis (AVO and FWI) for both conventional and unconventional offshore and on-shore plays.

Scattering and Inverse Scattering theory (isolated task inverse scattering series) directly achieving all seismic processing objectives without any subsurface information. Among isolated task sub series are: Free surface multiple removal, internal multiple attenuation, depth imaging to locate targets, non-linear direct inversion, Q compensation without Q, each of these distinct isolated task sub series achieve their objectives directly and without subsurface information.