M-OSRP | 2013 SEG Annual Meeting Presentations

2013 SEG Annual Meeting Presentations

Posted on October 09, 2013

The following presentation files from the 2013 SEG Annual Presentation are available for download using the links below.

  • M-OSRP Technical Summary - 2013 SEG Annual Meeting - Arthur B. Weglein
  • The Multiple Attenuation Toolbox: Progress, Challenges and Open Issues - Arthur B. Weglein
  • Using Green’s Theorem to Satisfy Data Requirements of Multiple Removal Methods: The Impact of Acquisition Design - Lin Tang, James D. Mayhan, Jinlong Yang, and Arthur B. Weglein
  • General Theory for Accommodating Primaries and Multiples in Internal Multiple Algorithm: Analysis and Numerical Tests - Hong Liang, Chao Ma and Arthur B. Weglein
  • Accommodating the Source (and Receiver) Array in Free-Surface Multiple Elimination Algorithm: Impact on Interfering or Proximal Primaries and Multiples - Jinlong Yang, James D. Mayhan, Lin Tang and Arthur B. Weglein
  • Eliminating First-Order Internal Multiples with Downward Reflection at the Shallowest Interface: Theory and Initial Examples - Wilberth Herrera and Arthur B. Weglein
  • A New Method to Eliminate First Order Internal Multiples for a Normal Incidence Plane Wave on a 1D Earth - Yanglei Zou, Arthur B. Weglein
  • Time Saving Method Based on Angular Quantities Applied to an Internal Multiple Attenuation Algorithm: Fundamental Concept, Development and Numerical Analysis - Hichem Ayadi, Arthur B. Weglein
  • SEG Post Convention Workshop on Internal Multiples: A Three Pronged Strategy - Arthur B. Weglein